About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Lori, the founder and creator of Black Forest Boutique. I started this Mama business in 2016, with the hopes of finding myself again.

Graduating from Colorado State University in 2004, I had HUGE dreams of running a business and being a successful business woman - but as the years went by, I realized that my true dream was to be a Mother. Today, I am the proud Mom to 4 amazing kiddos; but as much as I adore them, I realized I was losing myself. My only identity was that of their Mother.

So, Black Forest Boutique began - as a way to connect with the community, other women, and myself. I was determined to provide the absolute best customer service while maintaining great quality and low prices. Today, I am proud to continue providing my customers with these standards and goals in mind. I love my customers so much, that if you ever have any questions or issues, I urge you to reach out to me directly.